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American Fly

American Fly

By Lao Mou

It is over ten
years since the image of a fly cannot be erased from my mind, and each time my
friends begin to ask me about my experience with life in America I begin to think first of
all about this fly. This fly has already died, because its life cycle cannot
exceed one year, but it has allowed me to remain in the boundless world of day-dreams,
allowing me to leave my small life and to take note of and preserve a whole
universe of life, so that this revived millions of souls in the existing space.

On 22nd August, 1988, I arrived on board ship to the United
States of America
and went through the customs at Seattle. Then I changed
for an airplane to Pittsburgh, and at last,
again by plane I arrived to Ithaca.
Here, in this town, situated in the state of New York,
I began my six-year studies at Cornell
as a foreign
student. The pictures of my arrival to America are still fresh in my
memory. In the plane, I was sitting near
the window, looking at
peaks below the plane, at highways and cars, at the bright lights above cities
in the night sky. However, when I set foot on the American soil, it gave me an
impression that this fly cannot come for ever.


·老 牟·




1988年8月22号,我乘坐联航的航班来到了美利坚合众国,经西雅图入关,然后换飞机到匹茨堡,最后又乘一架小飞机来到了伊萨克(Ithaca),我将在这个位于纽约上州的康乃尔大学开始我的六年留学生活。来到美国后的一切都是新鲜的,在飞机上,我坐在窗边,看到飞机下面的山峰,公路和汽车,看到一座座城市上面那灯火明亮的夜空,可是踏上美国后所产生的所有印象,都没有那只 苍蝇来得永恒。


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