klausnick/莫罗佐夫·尼科莱/профан (klausnick) wrote,



A had workman quarrels with his tools. One who does not succeed, blames something else for his failure rather than himself.

­A hargain is a bargain. When an agreement has been made, it must be kept.

­A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Do not relinquish an advantage which you already have in possession, for a superior one which is uncertain.

­A burnt child dreads the fire. One will not knowingly or willingly repeat an experience which was painful or injurious to him.

­A cat has nine lives. A cat is more tenacious of life than animals in general.

­A constant guest is never welcome. If we visit our friends too much, they will not be glad to see us.

­A false report rides post. Falsehoods are circulated among the people very rapidly.

­A fault confessed is half redressed. To confess one's fault goes far towards remedying it.

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