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प्राङ्ग्मा मेति मनागनागतरसं जाताभिलाषं ततः

सव्रीडं तदनु श्लथोद्यममथ प्रध्वस्तधैर्यं पुनः

प्रेमार्द्रं स्पृहणीयनिर्भररहःक्रीडाप्रगल्भं ततो

निस्सङ्गाङ्गविकर्षणाधिकसुखं रम्यं कुलस्त्रीरतम् [24]

At first uttering with slight hesitation the words ‘No’ No’,

the attraction has not at all risen;

then the desire appears accompanied by shyness;

following that there is an effort to move away;

then the courage dissolves off;

then there is an abundance of

secret amorous games of expressing violent attraction for each other;

such a copulation with the loyal wife born of a good family

gives excessive pleasure,

where the limbs contact without any apprehension.

{When a man tries to woo an innocent girl of good family, who is bonded to him by marriage, she at first shies away from him refusing his passionate moves; because she is innocent and has no thoughts of passion at all.

But as the newness of the contact brings her an unknown joy, she desires to be with the man and stays back.

But she is still shy and stands in front of him trembling, yet expecting him to make a move.

As he pulls her to him, she tries to move away from him trying to wriggle out of his arms.

But as the joy creeps in, she stops struggling and surrenders completely allowing him to embrace her. As the amorous sports continue, the two lovers give into each other with extreme love and affection. The joy of union with a loyal wife alone gives true joy; the union with an experienced woman who unites without affection, only intent on the money that will be gained, is worthless.

Any physical union without the union of the minds, is just an animal-act.}

The union of the lovers is complete! But the after-joy is more heavenly.


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