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A Russian is always glad to entertain a guest.

There are not many very wealthy people in St. Petersburg, judging according to English ideas. Circumstances and conditions do not favour the accumulation of riches on any very extensive scale. The remuneration of a Russian official is not very high, and life and amusements in the capital are very expensive. Nevertheless, the Russian will have his pleasures at any cost, and he strongly objects to economy and thrift. Many Russian social usages in general have, of course, been adopted in St. Petersburg, the most agreeable of them all being a very generous hospitality. A Russian is always glad to entertain a guest. Improvised visits, therefore, without any previous invitation, form one of the most characteristic traits of Russian life. Absence of social ceremony is the keynote among the middle classes. From this point of view there is great freedom in St. Petersburg society, and for that matter in Russian society in general.

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