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The freedom of the press

Even the murderer, and the midnight robber, can sometimes attract the wandering ray of sympathy ; but the studied blasphemer, the profane scoffer, the brutal infidel, the hardened, venal, irreclaimable reviler of the Godhead, sees the doors of his dungeon close upon him, without even the barren consolation that some eye of pity beams with benignity for his fate. He is the most forlorn, the most despised of criminals.

Carlile, Richard (kärlĪlˈ), 1790–1843, English journalist, reformer, and freethinker. For his radical writings and efforts to secure the freedom of the press, he spent over nine years in prison. He republished suppressed works by Thomas Paine, William Hone, and others, brought out his own Political Litany (1817), and while he was imprisoned kept his weekly, the Republican, going (1819–26) with the help of his wife and sister.

See biography by G. A. Aldred (1923).
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